Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My mother and I were discussing my holiday travel plans and how I'm considering venturing to Manhattan for New Year's Eve in Times Square. I just don't know who to go with, as it's not something I'd even consider doing alone. An entire day of mostly standing around with several thousand strangers? No thanks.

Me: It's hard to plan such things two months out. And who knows? What if my travel friends are dating someone by then, since it's a notorious date night? What if I'm dating someone? Then again, knowing my track record, I won't be.
Mom: You know, you shouldn't say that, because one day you will be. You never know.

Thanks, Mom. You're totally right. I really should curb the self-deprecating talk.

Also, this article really spoke to me, from the annals people who say it way better than I ever could. Change the specific people and locations, and I've been there and had the exact same revelation.

Maybe I could meet up with her for a New York New Year's Eve!


Jinxie said...

After thinking more about that article and the author's situation, I want to clarify - I've been there. I'm not there. Not anymore. I've come to realize it's not even worth it to toe the line and I stay far, far away from it. I just had to learn that on my own in an intensely personal situation, because my own dirty cookie object lessons didn't quite do it for me either.

gary said...


Sorry to barge on your blog, but as I was searching for a home that talked of gospel principles beyond the married, fluffy, marshmellowiness ??? that is generally spewed at family wards, I came across this blog of yours.

And it made me smile and laugh a couple of times. Now before you think I'm stalking members blogs, like a creepy, desperate, lonely single member cast away into the far reaches of the great... o ya I am... any ways if I'm ever in New York, you can take me to the movies!


Jinxie said...

You're not barging in at all! We're happy to have you! Welcome to the fun. :)