Thursday, October 15, 2009

It only takes one

Recently we got on the topic of how many first dates we'd been on over the years. We were talking with another guy who said that he often feels like he doesn't want to go out on dates because for the most part he's just spending money on someone else's wife. I pointed out that while that might be true, there's another guy out there spending money on his wife.

HP said that he's probably been on a couple hundred first dates. His roommates and him would invite different girls over ever week for dinner. He says now that he wishes he'd spent more time building friendships than going on countless first dates. My first date count is probably somewhere around 25 is all (why did I not know guys who invited girls over for dinner when I was in college?). And for second dates - 4, and one of those was over three years after the first date. So it really doesn't matter how many guys you've gone out with, because it only takes one.

Another count that people keep track of is how many people they've kissed. Again, my number on that is very low. HP's number isn't too much higher. But I have known someone who figured that if she could name all of the guys she'd ever kissed, then she wasn't a slut. The fact that she had to have a written list (and it was a page front and back) or she couldn't name all of them was not relevant.

It doesn't matter how long either list is. What matters is that eventually we all get to the end of it.