Thursday, March 10, 2011

Found dead at home

Every so often you'll see a news story about an old person who was found dead in their house, several weeks after they died. Those stories always shake me. That someone could go that long before they are found. Because you automatically wonder how long you'd be dead before somebody found you. When I lived alone, it honestly could've been weeks. And that's just sad and scary.

While there was no news story about it, that is what happened recently to a man I knew. He lived alone. He'd never been married. And one night he fell and hit his head. They said he died instantly. But it wasn't until almost three weeks later that a family member found him. I take comfort in knowing that at least he wasn't alone and injured that whole time.

The internet is an interesting place. As this news spread among all those of us who knew him, it was very strange for me to see the responses.

This man often gave me the creeps. He was often inappropriate around me. He made me feel uncomfortable in my own home and so I asked the bishop for him to not be my home teacher any more. He kept giving me advice on what I needed to be doing to get married, which seemed a bit odd since he'd never been married himself.

But to others he was memorable for different, better reasons and he was their family's favorite home teacher.

It's strange that one person can be the source of two very different reactions. It made me wonder if I'd missed something about getting to know him. I am glad he will be remembered so positively by others.


Natalie said...

A friend of mine died, apparently, from a seizure and wasn't found for several days. There were rumors that his cats had started...

I can't even finish that thought, but you know where I'm going, right?

Roxie said...

Dying alone is one of my big fears. I want people there (that I like) when I die. I'd like for nobody to die alone actually. I hope for these people that there was someone from the other side there with them so they weren't alone.

Trixie said...

I firmly believe that no one dies alone. That has comforted me so many times. Regardless, though, I want to live a visible life, a life of service and charity. A life such that, if no one had heard from me in a couple of days with no explanation, someone would track me down.

Roxie said...

I've told HP that he can die first (but not for at least 30 years) because he doesn't like cemeteries and I don't want him to feel guilty that he isn't visiting my grave. But he HAS TO come back and get me when I'm dying.