Sunday, March 6, 2011

7 facts about Roxie

Jinxie shared seven things about her. It's always fun to get to know others. So here's mine. (this is weird doing it from an anonymous point of view)

1. I am not afraid of public speaking and I have a real hard time understanding how someone else could be. I get a real thrill out of being in front of people like that.

2. When I'm procrastinating work and study projects, my house gets real clean. The end of the semester is always a big cleaning time for me because I'd rather clean than write or grade papers. It makes me feel productive in my procrastination.

3. While I do enjoy a good foot massage, the idea of someone else trimming my toe nails fills me with a sense of dread. A pedicure would not be a treat for me. I blame this on years of ingrown toe nails while I was growing up. I haven't had one in almost ten years now because I started trimming my toe nails differently. I'm not about to let someone else mess that up for me.

4. My favorite pets are wild birds. I filled the bird feeder this afternoon and then laughed as first one, then two, then ten plus birds all started hopping around the tree to see who's turn it was at the bird feeder next. If I don't get food out there for them though, they won't die. They're smart like that.

5. I had the makings of a hoarder growing up. Getting rid of anything was extremely difficult for me. Before leaving on my mission I started cleaning out my stuff and I found I could make three piles, things I definitely wanted, things I could definitely get rid of, and things I should get rid of but couldn't. I gave that last pile to my mom and told her to take what she wanted and get rid of the rest, but at least it wasn't me getting rid of it. It's still hard for me sometimes, but I am getting better at it.

6. I'm 5'6". I've gained a net of ten pounds since I got married. I have blue eyes, brown hair, ten fingers, and ten toes.

7. Seven is my favorite number.


Natalie said...

I love that you guys are doing this anonymously. It adds a nice little twist. :)