Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 Possibly Cranky Things

Roxie and Jinxie tagged me, so here goes my effort to share seven things that don't blow my cover. :)

1. I really don't understand the obsession with Diet Coke/Pepsi/Dr Pepper, chocolate, Twilight, or cute vinyl wall stickers. I just don't get it. I have my own particular set of things that, if encouraged, can develop into semi-obsessive preoccupations, but the Diet Coke thing? Meh. It's fine, I guess, and caffeine does help me focus when I'm scattered or tired, but I'm not addicted enough to it to make jokes about having my IV with me at all times. I like chocolate a lot, but I like candy in general, so I'm not some ravening PMS-y fiend who Must Have Chocolate or Someone Dies. It's nice, I'm a fan of Sees truffles and dark European chocolate, I appreciate an excellent flavor, but I can literally go months without caring one way or the other. Twilight? I tend not to jump on board anything the unwashed masses are freaking out about, which is why I didn't see Titanic (for instance) until about 3 years after it came out. They're not bad books, but they're not the best thing out there. Frankly, I got bored halfway through book 3 and haven't wanted to pick them up since; I probably won't see the films anytime soon, either.

2. Pink is my favorite color. I am completely unashamed of this. Pink has been my favorite color ever since I can remember, and my mother was of the type who didn't want her baby girl surrounded by all pink everything, so I had blue and orange and yellow and green and brown and red things. My baby blanket has red and green giraffes on it--not a speck of pink to be seen--but pink is definitely my favorite color.

3. Continuing the color thing: there isn't a color I hate. I love color, and there are some colors I don't particularly like in, say, bathrooms or kitchens, but I don't have a violent dislike of any one color.

4. I knit and crochet, and it ticks me off when someone assumes that I do those kinds of crafts so I can be a "good Mormon wife". No, I like doing it. I like working with my hands. Besides, it hasn't "caught me a husband" yet, so if I'm doing it to get married, I must be doing it all wrong. ;) I've worked with clay, metal, fiber, fabric, yarn, thread, floss, paint, and loved all of it. If I had the time and the money, I'd learn as much as I could about lapidary, weaving, spinning, metal-smithing, sewing. . . I fear I will never have the time nor the money, but I try not to dwell on it because it discourages me.

5. I really love cats. I also really love dogs. Both loves live within my heart and never fight, except that cats are relatively lower-maintenance for me than dogs are right now. And, yes, it is a deal-breaker if someone I'm interested in expresses hatred for any kind of animal. We were watching TV the other night and someone said "I'd shoot a puppy to win this competition" and I was immediately disgusted. Any attractiveness that particular person may have had was completely gone. I couldn't/wouldn't marry someone who didn't love animals.

6. I have been known to stop reading blogs that consistently have common grammar and syntax errors. Things like "further adieu" instead of "further ado" really irritate me, probably because they are such common phrases that I assume people know how to spell and/or use them correctly. There's another one I see a lot that drives me batty, but I can't remember right now. You get the idea.

7. I look younger than I am. I have people ask how long I've been back from my mission, and it makes me smile (which shows the wrinkles around my eyes, ha ha) because I didn't go on a mission and I'm too old to go now--my female friends who are on missions are sometimes the same girls I remember being BORN. How do I fool them? SPF 30 sunscreen every day unless I'm sick, really good BHA and AHA formulations (I use Paula's Choice because she knows her stuff better than anyone I've ever heard of), and not being stuck in the "I'm so old that I feel sorry for myself every day and can't wear cute socks because I'm too old for them" mindset.

I didn't say it would be short, and I didn't say it would be sweet, but I hope you've learned something about me. :)


Roxie said...

I'm with you on not reading blogs with bad grammar. Bad formatting also gets me.

Also, I tried washing dishes to get married, but decided I'd rather be single.

Natalie said...

I was really confused by the whole Diet Pepsi thing and its prevalence in the Mormon blogging world - my BFF in high school was my introduction to the Church and caffeine was a big no-no in his household. Of course, his dad was the Bishop, so maybe I just wasn't getting to know the right Mormons.

Trixie said...

Yeah, the caffeine thing. My sister uses it to focus, and like I said, I have too, but only when I'm so tired and scattered that I can't sit still for more than two seconds. We're not dependent on it. The point at which you can't function, at which you can't control your brain and body, is when you lose your agency to a substance. I'm not talking about necessary medication that is vital to functionality, but a substance you voluntarily take into your system. When you get to that point, you've broken the Word of Wisdom, and that's no laughing matter.

Roxie said...

We never drank caffeine in our home growing up, and my dad wasn't a bishop. In fact I'm pretty sure my home is the only one with caffeine in it and that's because HP likes the occasional Mt. Dew. He let me have one when I had a migraine that medicine wasn't touching. Because I never have caffeine, it was able to function as a medicine for me.

I have soda so rarely these days that people who NEED their daily big gulp of whatever just really confuse me. I'd much rather have a lemonade (I love ordering exotic lemonades at restaurants) or a cool glass of milk, or even just cold water.

Jinxie said...

I'm so glad I read this after I purchased my first vinyl wall hangings. But you know all the reasons I did - thrifty, fast, removable. Not because it's a fad. :)

As for caffeine, I really don't notice a difference in my wakefulness unless I drink it too late in the day, but out of all of us here, I'm pretty sure I drink it the most. Doesn't mean I'm obsessed or will start talking about my Diet Coke IV. I'd rather taste the stuff anyway. AND I'd rather it were Coke Zero.