Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Christmas

Everyone keeps wishing us a happy first Christmas together. What do you want to bet that next year nobody will mention that it's our second Christmas together? But it was a good Christmas.

HP mentioned the other night that in the past he always felt that he needed to be moving on with his life at the holidays, that he was still doing what he'd always done and needed to do something more in the next year. I think a lot of people would say that about the holidays. And just like Big Bird, some times it's people we want more than things for Christmas, whether that's to be with our family we've always had, or the family we will have some day.

(I've never danced on the telephone either Big Bird.)

Or, if you prefer a more grown-up version of that idea that's not exactly tied to a holiday, Michael Bublé's latest song "Haven't Met You Yet" is absolutely wonderful (and quite possibly the theme song for this blog).

There were so many times when I just knew that things would be great and I'd be willing to work through all the things that weren't so great just as soon as I met the right person. And if there's anything I learned through my dating experiences, you really never do know when you'll meet them.


Jinxie said...

I also submit John Mayer's "Love Song For No One" as another possible theme song. :)

LOVE the Big Bird!