Monday, April 6, 2009

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

A week of emails and discussions later (some of those emails were practically five-page double-spaced papers, one of mine even including section headings and references), we've reached a new level of understanding. We referenced examples in speeches, comic strips, movies, television shows, and commercials. The conclusions we reached about each other, what we expect from relationships, and what we are comfortable with were extremely eye-opening in some places, even as I thought just about myself and who I am.

But I'm left wondering - Where is the instruction manual???? Why can't I just get a booklet that lists what to do in different situations or the best way to express a thought or idea to be understood? Surely we are not the first two people in the world who have tried to work this out, why hasn't anyone written it down before? We have instructions on how to use shampoo, why can't we have instructions on how to talk to a man? (And before you say it, I've read "Mars & Venus" and other books, and they really wouldn't help at all in this situation, in fact, I've found they aren't much use in most situations.)

I need to find the lather-rinse-repeat label on this relationship. Because right now it seems to be almost try-fail-discuss. At least the failures are getting smaller and the discussions are getting better.

Latest strange compliment: You're an oddball. But it was said with such love that it makes me smile