Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's it like being an apteryx?

I enjoy the comics. Some of them make me laugh. Some of them are real profound. Some of them start week-long discussions about what we expect in relationships. And then today's BC strip struck a little close to home. (link to the comic strip)

Part of why it might have seemed so timely was a discussion on Segullah today about being single in the LDS Church - All the single ladies.

I honestly feel like that poor flightless apteryx some times. I'm fine with my single status until someone asks about it or points it out.

  • Hey single person! What's it like going home to an empty house every day?
  • Hey single person! What's it like going to church all alone every week?
  • Hey single person! What's it like...

You get the idea.

It's kind of like when a child falls and then looks at you. If you react scared, asking if they are okay, they start crying and figure they are hurt because you drew attention to the fact that they fell. If you laugh and give them back their ball, they realize they weren't hurt that bad and they are really okay after all.

Just give me back my ball and I'll be fine.