Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The woman in the song

Things have been relatively calm for me relationship wise, but I still get the itch to write. So I thought now would be a good time to get through some articles and whatnot that I've been wanting to respond to for a while.

Jeez, over a year ago, a friend showed me the blog Charming, but Single, and in particular her post "Coming clean in a roundabout sort of way." I don't read the blog any more because, 1. she stopped really posting, and 2. she just really didn't seem to have a handle on life. But that particular post has stayed with me and I've wanted to write about how wrong she is on one point ever since seeing it.

She says:

I do want to be the Woman in the Song – the one who makes him crazy, keeps him up at night, without whom his days would all be nights. And even as I think that, I immediately reject the notion of such as pure fantasy. We don’t all get to be the heroine. We aren’t all the Woman in the Song.

She's wrong. We do all get to be the heroine. We do all get a chance to be the woman who makes him crazy, who keeps him up at night, without whom his days would all be nights. It is not pure fantasy!

And the best thing is that he will be your hero. He will make you crazy, keep you up at night, without whom your days would all be nights.

And it will feel like it is better than any fantasy, beyond your wildest imagination.

Some of us heroes and heroines just take longer to find each other. Some of us don't hear the music to that song till later. But if you don't believe you are a heroine, then your hero won't see you as such either. I have seen many couples where I know I could not have married the guy and been happy with him, but the woman who did marry him is happy beyond belief, and he couldn't be more in love with her. So in the end, it does all work.

In the end, we are all the woman in the song. We just have to find the man that is singing.


VICKI IN AZ said...

That was beautiful!