Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Story People

Several years ago a friend, who I lovingly refer to as my ADHD friend (and I think everyone needs a friend like him, life is always awesome around him) gave me a book called Story People by Brain Andreas. If you are not familiar with Story People you should be. It is a delightful book with something you can relate to every few pages that will make you think or smile or laugh.

Here's a few I thought related to this blog.

  • Little Man - I actually really like the quirks and have no intention of ever training them out of anyone. It's our quirks that make us who we are.
  • Partial Enlightenment - Now this one is hitting really too close to home right now. But it's a good reminder. My life always goes better when God takes over, it's just a hard thing to let go.
  • Wheelbarrow - Now this is a lovely image. I'm not leaving my dreams, I'm just getting help with them. Related to the previous, I'm sure my Heavenly Father would be more than happy to help me push my wheelbarrow, I just need to let Him chose the direction.
  • Fast Forward - And let's dedicate this one to Jinxie, because there's definitely a lot of guys missing out there.