Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dating Supplies

Today on Art of Manliness they provided a list of things a man should always carry with him on a date - What to Carry on a First Date: The Gentleman's Arsenal. It's a pretty good list.

I always made sure I had a few things with me when I went on a date. Here's my list and response to the man's list.

1. A Hankie

I don't go anywhere without one of my own. They come in handy in all kind of situations. But I can definitely see how sweet it would be for a guy to provide one and have it as a reminder of the date.

2. Mints

Definitely mints over gum. I hate gum. The smacking is highly annoying. Freshen your breath and move on. I really like the Listerine strips over hard mints. They slide right into a wallet and don't make a lot of noise. Also, always take one for yourself before offering one to your date just so it doesn't look like you think their breath is bad.

3. Money

Ever since I started dating I always made sure I had money to cover the date just in case something happened. I also made sure I had money to get home, definitely in case something happened. I don't expect to pay for a date I've been invited on, but I plan on it just in case. And if I've invited someone on the date I plan on paying for it. I take a credit card and a twenty. They easily slide into a pocket.

4. Phone

Also something I've done since I started dating, although back then it was change for a pay phone (when was the last time you ever saw one of those?). Again, just in case something happens and I needed to get out on my own. It's never been a problem though. But I'd rather be prepared than not.

5. Dress for the occasion

For men they're saying this means carry an umbrella and wear a sports coat. Now in some parts of the world that might work. But know where you live. Here we're playing "spot the cloud" because there are none for days at times. An umbrella is a good idea here at parts of the year. So during those parts it's good to have one in the car. The rest of the time it would just be in the way. As for the sports coat, the guy will just be sweating like crazy in it. And that's not generally good if it can be avoided.

As for giving the sport coat to the girl if she's cold, I happen to think it's my responsibility to take care of myself. I've never been one to ask a guy for his suit coat at church because I know that I tend to get a chill at church because of the air conditioning being on so high and I bring a wrap. I don't wear bare legs and sandals when I know I'll be in places where I can get a chill (movie theaters). So I dress for the occasion. A light wrap can be very handy. It is easily out of the way when you don't want it, but it can also be wrapped daintily over the shoulders to keep the arms warm or the lap if your legs are chilled. A wrap is a very nice thing to have.

6. A hair tie

If your hair has any length to it, keep a hair tie with you. You never know when you might need to pull your hair back or get it out of the way. I keep one on my key chain.

~ * ~ * ~

Even now I still make sure I have several things with me when we go out. I take my own jacket to church. I keep a hair tie with me. And I don't go anywhere, date or not, without a hankie.


. said...

Excellent list. I agree with everything! From one single "anonymous" single woman to another, dating is a necessary evil as far as I'm concerned. I happen to have children and I'm am still looking for work. But from reading some of your posts, I think we are different and the same.