Monday, March 29, 2010

I happen to be an excellent juggler

Brainy Smurf and I finally had our fourth "date" this weekend - dinner and a basketball game. As usual, we had a great time talking and laughing and watching the game.


We paid separately for dinner and I still have to pay him back for the game (made clear by him contacting me a couple of days before to confirm and tell me how much he spent on tickets and "Is that okay?"). Plus, once we got back to his place, where my car was parked, I got a side hug and a "Well-that-was-fun-thanks-for-coming-see-you-later" AS he walked toward his home.

So, while we'll probably still spend time together once in a while, it's pretty clear to me where I stand. Bummer.

Still, I was happy and looking forward to going home, getting into my pjs, and hoping that my DVR had something good waiting for me.

The night had other plans.

Junior, who I hadn't actually seen since our last date earlier in the month but had talked to even earlier in the day, knew I was out at the game. On a whim, I texted him to see how his evening was going, and he invited me to come watch a movie with him and his roommates.

So I did.

Now, it was indeed late and his roommates had given us the couch (or they just took all the other seats in the room out of some unspoken guy code to not sit on the same piece of furniture as another guy), so it wasn't terribly out of character to lean my head on his shoulder. And halfway through the movie, he reached over and took my hand.

I know this gesture doesn't necessarily define our relationship, and it doesn't need to, but it's still incredibly sweet. Other than a hug goodnight, that was the extent of it for the evening, though I did notice a distinct fresh toothpaste aroma after he returned from the bathroom right after the movie, as if he was considering another step.

It feels a little high school, that I'm so pleased with watching a movie with a group but still holding hands with just one of them. After all this time and all the guys I've held hands with, shouldn't I be jaded and think it doesn't really mean anything?

Fortunately, no! I'm glad that such a simple thing hasn't lost its magic. Human touch is powerful, especially of this nature. I've heard from him every day since, and we're trying to find time to get together again soon. I know the odds are against Junior and I, but I'm still looking forward to playing them.