Monday, March 22, 2010

Accidental Flirting, the second

The second time I accidentally flirted I was older and wiser. But it still left me thinking, "What in the world was he thinking?"

I was at a party for a friend and a guy I didn't know but had said hi to at the food table stated to the room that he was leaving. So I jokingly called out bye and that I'd miss him. Didn't think anything of it again until my friend told me later that the guy was asking for a way to contact me.

Sure. Why not. I'll go out with him. What harm can it do?

We went to dinner and it was casual and nice. Nothing much. He wanted to get together again. Why not?

This time we went to a near-by city for a double date with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. I didn't realize she was an ex at the time, just thought she was a friend. He spent the whole drive there on the phone with her. Without anything else coming from that night, spending the first hour of a date on a phone with anyone is bad. Spending it on the phone with an ex is real bad.

We arrived. Ate some dinner. Played a board game. And we went home. It wasn't the worst date I'd ever been on, but there were not going to be any more.

And that was all I thought of it. Until a week or so later when my friend told me that the guy had decided he didn't want to date me because I was so forward and basically crass. He'd told my friend that I'd pressed my breasts against his head.


You know, you'd think I'd remember that. In fact, I would remember that. So the fact that I don't remember that means it didn't happen.

I've never seen the guy since. But that day my friend lost some of my respect because he'd initially believed that about me. As he later thought about it he realized that this guy had a huge personal space bubble, so if my breasts had come within three feet of his head it would've been too close to him.

Still, the dangers of flirting. Always make sure you know what you are aiming at.


Jennifer said...

Speechless, absolutely speechless.

Roxie said...

That seems as good a response as any.

Now that I'm married my husband likes to joke about this story a lot (he likes to joke about pretty much all the other guys I went on dates with). He doesn't mind the whole breast/head thing. Maybe I just needed to find the right guy?