Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speaking the truth

I saw this on a blog and felt it was so well said. It is truthful. It is something so many of us have felt. But it is a truth that few people are willing to state. Why are we so afraid to say those truths some times? Because I've been afraid to say it. The few times I have said it, the reaction I got from people was one that made me almost afraid to say it again.

On a small scale, we all do it.

"Hi. How are you?"

Try saying something other than "fine" in that situation some time. See what happens when you truthfully tell someone how you actually are doing. Generally people don't want the truth of how you are doing, they just want to avoid odd silence.

I've had nights where it seemed like the world was empty save me. I've been in a group and looked around and realized that everyone had someone and I could leave and nobody would notice. Lonely alone though feels better than lonely with others.

And maybe truthfully admitting it more often would make it hurt less.