Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A major *facepalm*

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met. He was a massive flirt, she was working on it. He asked her to prom, she accepted, and they had the first of many lovely evenings spent together.

Over the next eight years, this boy and this girl were somewhat on and off again. They went from friends to dating to back to friends to losing touch for over a year, maybe two, to friends to dating to friends, to, well you get the idea.

Then one day, having grown up a little, they decided to really give a relationship a shot. The boy was going to end things with the girl he was currently seeing; the girl was going to wait patiently. Or at least wait.

Once his previous relationship was over, things were starting to look up for this young couple. They'd known each other for quite some time by now, so they were able to skip all the "getting to know you" bits and go straight to the heart of the matter. Long, in depth conversations were had. They grew closer, and the girl suspected she might actually be falling in love.

The one unsuspecting Friday, the boy announced that the Last Girl was pregnant, and it was his, and the timing was such that it must have happened AFTER This Girl was told they had ended it.

This Girl was absolutely shocked. The boy was a returned missionary from their church and they'd spent time together in the temple, wherein they'd both made covenants to wait until marriage. So how could Last Girl be pregnant, especially after their breakup!?

This Girl did exactly what you might expect her to do. She expressed her extreme disappointment and proceeded to end their relationship, friendly or otherwise, and cut off all communication. Nearly a decade of friendship, at the very least, thrown out the window.

That was three years ago. Occasional attempts have been made by the boy to resume contact, but they've been either ignored or met with a negative response.

Until today. For some reason, This Girl is still on his list of people he emails interesting links to things. These come through once every several months, but today she asked him to remove her from this list, and thanked him.

His response?

"Done. You'll never hear from me again. -Boy"

Holy petulant response, Batman.

Look, sir, This Girl wishes you well, is no longer angry, and hopes you get the best in life, honestly, but wants no part of it, and you can hardly be surprised or hurt by it.

I, I mean, This Girl won't be responding and honestly hope that he grows up someday.


Roxie said...

*high five* for cutting out a cancerous past!

I feel better for having done that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he believes in polygamy. I mean "temple" "missionary ". When a person can lie so easily is better to stay away. I have answered you comment in the other blog.