Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready to run

For the first time that I can think of, I actually wanted to stand someone up this weekend. It seemed easier than going through with a date I couldn't think of any reason I wanted to be on and having to tell him in person "Thanks, but no thanks" to any future dates. I even contemplated just driving off halfway when I made a quick jaunt to my car to stash my leftovers from the restaurant before going to the movie.

Of course, I didn't. The date wasn't actually awful or even as awkward as I feared it might be, and he was gentleman enough. I just haven't ever been nor ever anticipate being interested in him.

I was looking forward to it well enough when he first asked me. We've been casual friends for the last few years, introduced by a mutual friend. I figured a harmless date between two casual friends might be a nice evening to catch up.

But then, once I accepted, he started texting me every single day. Multiple times a day. He invited me over to his house (where I've never been before and I didn't accept), wanted to talk on the phone around midnight at least once, and overall made it very clear that he liked me way more than I liked him. I was suddenly uncomfortable and worried that he might try something if he even remotely sensed the go ahead.

On top of that, the date was ill-planned (it took no less than three conversations to decide on the restaurant, which was decided in the first conversation) and this woman with a Masters and a career is just not impressed by someone who lives at home working random temp jobs even two years after graduation from college. Among other things.

Sad, but true.

If there is a lid for every pot, this was not just a case of the wrong size of stewpot, but more like I'm saucepan and he's Tupperware. There's just no way it will work.

At least it was a date. He seemed understanding about my decline for a next time and the texts have slowed significantly (once to thank me later that evening and a "What's up?" yesterday that I left unanswered). It's at least flattering to be asked, I just hope that next time the feeling is more mutual.


Single Blonde in the City said...

Ugh- I know that feeling! Nights like that are sometimes better spent at home. Good thing that you recognize it's "Just not a good fit" and gets you that much closer to recognizing when it is.

Natalie said...

You're a better woman than I - I would've made up some random something that "suddenly came up" and then just never would've answered his calls/texts again. I'm non-confrontational like that. :)

Jennifer M. said...

Aghh! The clingy guy! I hate that type. Run!!!