Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauty or Beastly?

I must say I was rather intrigued to read about dating on Scientific American. Many things intrigue me there, which is why I browse it regularly. But the science of dating always seems a bit odd. This particular article is titled "Play Up That Ugly Trait" which is definitely attention grabbing.

After analyzing lots of data on an online dating site they found a correlation between how much attention she got and how controversial her beauty was rated. We're going to ignore the whole rating beauty thing right now because that has other issues. It seems that when some men thought a women was beautiful and other men thought she definitely wasn't, the woman got a lot more messages than if all the men thought she was beautiful.

Of course you can't assign cause to correlation, but it is an interesting observation nonetheless.

I think for me, I don't need everyone to think I'm beautiful/smart/lovable, as long as the people that matter do. The rest of the world can hate me for it, sometimes that just makes things more interesting.


Morgan -Ing said...

Its true. No random stranger's opinion should matter.

Barbaloot said...

Plus, everyone has different taste. Thanksfully! Someone my cousin thinks is "way hot" it not even kind of attractive to me.

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah and I think there's definitely something to be said for being comfortable with your own beauty, whether or not it corresponds with society's idea of beauty. I think other people respond better to inner confidence than they do to someone who just looks good on the outside but may not actually like themselves a whole lot.