Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Deer

Oh deer in deed. I saw this comic this morning while I was eating breakfast and I could relate all too well.

I remember different times in college when they had girl's choice activities and I looked around at the different guys in my life and there really wasn't anyone at that time that interested me. Which led to some interesting events that resulted in my roommate and I taking imaginary guys. Which in turn led to a bunch of girls who also didn't have dates deciding they didn't necessarily need a date to have fun and joining my roommate and I (although they didn't take imaginary dates like we did) and having a blast. Although my dad admitted that he was seriously worried about me when he found out what I'd done. However, so far that is the only time I've ridden in a limo (it was one of the dorm dances at BYU, the limo was part of the event).


Slim pickings in deed.


Charlotte said...

That is hilarious. I bet they treated you exactly how you wanted, too, and you didn't have to worry about a phone call later. Awesome.

Roxie said...

They were wonderful dates. Brought us flowers. Took us out to eat. Didn't put their hands where they weren't supposed to. And didn't mind the ice cream and chick flick after the dance either.