Monday, June 28, 2010

Holding tight

I'm a people watcher. I most frequently watch myself because I'm easy to find and follow. I've been thinking about a few things I've noticed about how I react with HP and they've got me thinking about trust and holding on.

When we are out among other people, he and I don't have to be right next to each other the whole time. I always know where he is, but we are each comfortable doing our own thing. He talks to his people. I talk to my people. Maybe we mix people at some point. But there's no stress that we have to be joined at the hip when we go out.

I was looking through some pictures of us recently, and something I've thought about before stood out to me. When we are walking somewhere he and I almost always hold hands. My arm goes behind his because it feels weird for both of us to have it the other way. But we don't hold tight. Every picture I have of us holding hands looks like the one below. We're connected, but neither of us feels the need to hold on super tight to the other.

I can loosely hold on because I know he won't go anywhere. I don't have to always be next to him because I know we'll go home together.

I love holding on, but it's nice to not need to hold on so tightly.


Jinxie said...

The first boy I held hands with regularly called me on the fact that I would only loosely hold his hand, so I started holding more tightly. I mostly do the latter these days (or whenever I have the opportunity), but I do like the comfort of not having to.

Saimi said...

The husband and I like to hold hands but we are not joined at the hip. When we are dining out we always sit across from each other.

When I see a couple sitting next to each other I wonder, wouldn't it be easier to look at each other and talk than strain the neck and bump elbows??

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Jennifer M. said...

I just found your blog and so far I like it! You had me at "I'm a people watcher". Lol. That's so me. Also, I'm frustratingly single, as well. I hope to enjoy reading your blog. :)