Friday, June 10, 2011

Bishops and being single

Last Sunday the first counselor in our bishopric was changed for the third time (meaning four first counselors) since we joined this ward a year and a half ago. The counselor being released seems like a good enough guy, but I never interacted with him really at all (nor the two previous ones). Which made me think about other bishoprics I've known.

I know who our bishop is. He knows my name. But beyond a handshake at meetings or the interviews for callings, I haven't interacted with him much at all. Which seems strange, maybe.

When I was single I KNEW my bishops. They had me in their home. I knew their families. I knew I could call them at any time day or night and they'd turn the porch light on and be there (I think that's true of all bishops and all the members of their wards, but how many of you would feel comfortable doing that? I not only felt comfortable, I did it at least once). Dinners. Interviews. Activities. My bishops were very much a part of my life.

And you know what. That's what I needed then. The priesthood was in my home through my bishops and home teachers. But I really don't need that type of relationship now. Maybe part of that change is because I'm married and I have my husband as my nearest priesthood holder.

I respect all of the bishops I have had. When I needed them to be a larger part of my life, they were. If I ever need it again I know they'll be there. But they can focus on a few people who probably need them more than I do right now.